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Less Small Talk, More Connections


Other apps want to keep you on the app, we encourage you to connect quickly and develop further chemistry offline. Online Dating apps should be designed as a place to meet and spark interest but the real world is where you develop true chemistry and that is why we designed Swift Dating.


No More Wasting Time


Why should you chat with someone online for more than 3 days? We agree and that’s why we set a timer to connect. This encourages people to actually engage rather than collecting matches and having disconnected conversations. We all hate when you have to wait multiple days just to get a response. Dating shouldn’t feel like work and conversations should flow. So try Swift Dating and stop wasting time. 


Motivated Singles

Unlike other dating apps, we target and advertise to singles who are motivated to actually meet and connect with people.

Direct Messages

See someone you like? then send them a direct message. We want you to connect faster so no need to always wait for a match.

Verified Profiles. No Catfishing.

Swift Dating allows users to verify their profile pby submitting a selfie. This allows users to feel more secure that they are talking to the actual person in the pictures. 

In-depth Profiles

Users don’t like to see empty profiles so we require users to complete a majority of their profile questions. The more you know about someone the easier it is to break the ice and get to know them faster

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